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Experience Peace of Mind with Lowry Services Maintenance Packages!

See the details of all our plans below and select what plan works best for you!

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Protect Your Whole Home and SAVE!

1 plan = $99/year

2 plans = $89/plan/year (save $20)

3 plans = $79/plan/year (save $60)

4 plans = for $69/plan/year (save $120)

Electric Services — $99.00/year

Protect your family from dangerous shocks and fire hazards with our electrical service maintenance package. We’ll look for the worn outlets, overloaded circuits, and old wiring that lead to electrical shocks and fires. Every year, electrical fires cause approximately $1.6 billion in property damage — you don’t have to be part of that statistic.

Our experienced technicians will perform a thorough annual inspection of your home’s electrical system and do a service panel tune-up.

  • Check the main panels
  • Test breakers or fuses
  • Check wiring and tighten connections
  • Inspect the outside meter/service cable
  • Check ground fault protection
  • Check surge protection
  • Inspect receptacles for proper grounding
  • Check switching operations
  • Check outlets
  • Inspect exhaust fans
  • Test and label emergency shut-offs

Electrical Service Plan

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Plumbing — $99.00/year

An undetected leak in your home can waste over 50,370 gallons of water every year. Even worse, that water can damage your home and encourage the growth of mold and mildew. Our plumbing maintenance package can prevent that damage, as well as increase the life of your pipes, fixtures, and equipment. You’ll see the savings in your water bill.

When you get our plumbing maintenance package, our trained technicians will perform a complete inspection of your home’s plumbing system.

  • Check water pressure
  • Test water hardness
  • Inspect washing machine hoses
  • Check faucets for leaks and to ensure proper operation of all drains
  • Check garbage disposal
  • Inspect water heater or boiler
  • Inspect water heater venting
  • Inspect sump pump
  • Test and label emergency shut-off valves
  • Check water conditioner and softener

Plumbing Service Plan

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Heating — $99.00/year

Your furnace may be costing you a fortune in lost heat, repairs, and other inefficiencies. Over 70% of all furnace repairs can be prevented with annual checkups, and your system’s efficiency may be increased by up to 16%. Let Lowry Services show you how to cut your heating bills.
Our heating maintenance package includes an annual 16-point inspection and tune-up of your heating system. Our technicians inspect the system from bottom to top.
  • Check burners
  • Inspect the heat exchanger surface
  • Inspect the flue pipe
  • Check the filters
  • Lubricate pumps and fans
  • Check the inducer and blower motors
  • Check the electric connections
  • Check the safety valve switch and controls
  • Inspect the pilot assembly
  • Inspect for cracks and leaks
  • Check temperatures and pressures
  • Check thermostat
  • Drain line and trap
  • Measure the fuel combustion efficiency
  • Check carbon monoxide safety
  • Test & label of emergency shut-offs

Heating Service Plan

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Air Conditioning — $99.00/year

A central air conditioning system is expensive to repair when it breaks down, but you can cut your monthly energy costs by about 25% and reduce breakdowns by as much as 95% when you get an air conditioning maintenance package from Lowry Services.

Our technicians will perform an annual 18-point inspection and tune-up of your central air conditioning system.

  • Check condenser coil
  • Check evaporator coil
  • Check blower motor
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Inspect filters
  • Check belts and pulleys
  • Lubricate motors
  • Check thermostat
  • Check controls and safety devices
  • Check motors
  • Check capacitors
  • Check condensate drain
  • Check relays and contactors
  • Check service disconnect
  • Check and tighten wiring connections
  • Check temperatures and pressures
  • Check ductwork
  • Verify proper amperage and voltage of AC system
  • Test & label emergency shut-offs

Air Conditioning Service Plan

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Oil Heating — $349/year

Make sure your oil burning equipment is operating at peak efficiency and optimal safety with our oil heating maintenance package. Our technicians will perform an extensive 20-plus-point tune-up that maximizes your system’s efficiency, saves money on your energy bill, and ensures your system works reliably all year long.
  • Replace nozzle
  • Replace oil filter
  • Clean pump screen and replace gasket
  • Check fuel pump pressure and cut-off
  • Clean and inspect drawer assembly
  • Check ignition transformer
  • Check cad cell eye and control
  • Check burner fan and motor
  • Check heater limit control(s)
  • Check wattage and amperage(s)
  • Check power switches and fuses
  • Exercise valves (boilers only)
  • Check expansion tank (boilers)
  • Vacuum soot from boiler
  • Vacuum soot from flue pipe
  • Vacuum soot and debris from chimney base
  • Inspect chimney for proper condition and draft
  • Reseal chimney/flue pipe connection
  • Perform digital combustion test
  • Prove (2) printouts of readings: (1) for client and (1) for our records
  • Make any necessary safety or efficiency recommendations

Oil Heating Service Plan

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